Music data
Roon identifies your music and adds tons of rich metadata – reviews, bios, tour dates, lyrics, photos, and performer and composer credits – that power the discovery of new music and reconnect you to old favorites.
Rich metadata

There’s more to describing your music than artist, album, and track. Roon finds and displays detailed metadata for your music, including reviews, ratings, recording and release dates, multi-tiered genres, high-resolution artist photos, and lyrics.

You'll find biographies for performers, composers, and producers and engineers, and all the data is cross-referenced, providing you with limitless browsing and discovery opportunities.

Reviews & biographies

People are people, not text fields. In Roon, all types of people – artists, performers, composers, producers, and engineers – appear as links to deep biographical information, allowing you to explore their careers and collaborators.


You know your favorite artists, which makes them the best starting point for discovery. Everything you see in Roon is a link, so you can explore connections to their careers, including influences, followers, collaborators, and other related artists and composers.

Best of all, Roon has all this data for every artist under the sun – not just the ones in your library – so you can go down the proverbial rabbit hole as you learn.

Classical data

Classical music doesn’t fit neatly into the artist-album-track structure of pop and rock music. Roon starts with composers, then shows their works, and lists performances, including conductor, ensemble, soloists, recording venue, and date.

Roon's metadata is specifically designed to handle the complexities of classical music, like multi-part works (movements), period, instrumentation, and form.


With its huge database of lyrics, Roon lets you sing along with millions of songs. They can be displayed as a lyric sheet or synchronized to scroll along with the music that’s playing in real time. Never sing “Sweet dreams are made of cheese” again.

Editorial sources

Roon now supports multiple sources of album reviews and performer biographies, including Wikipedia articles in 20 languages!

This enables fans of non-English language music to read articles about their favorite artists written by native speakers. For those with less experience with English, we've also included the "Simple English" version of Wikipedia to make things easier for non-native speakers and children.


Roon isn't just for native English speakers. Fluency provides localization of Roon's user interface, genres, credit roles, and even transliteration of artist names and album titles to other character sets.


All albums have different versions with different track listings, mastering, and audio encoding. Roon shows you all those versions – both in your library and from TIDAL, Qobuz, and KKBOX – and lets you highlight your favorite.