Sound quality
If you love music, you want it to sound as big, exciting, and lifelike as possible. Roon’s MUSE audio engine is designed to audiophile standards and gives you the best performance while still being easy to use.
Formats & encoding

Roon supports all major audio formats at the highest resolution. Enjoy up to 768kHz/32-bit PCM and DSD512 (stereo and multi-channel) in WAV, WAV64, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), DFF, DSF, OGG, MP3, and AAC. If your gear can't handle a format, Roon transcodes content to play back at the best quality it supports.

Bit-perfect playback

Roon ensures that the audio signal from a source file or stream is reproduced exactly as it was recorded, without any loss of quality or alteration of the signal. Our MUSE audio engine supports bit-perfect playback of lossless and lossy file formats, including high-resolution audio content like PCM and DSD, in both stereo and multichannel.

To deliver bit-perfect playback, Roon checks your audio hardware's capabilities and adjusts its settings accordingly. This includes adjusting the sample rate and bit depth to match the hardware's specifications and ensuring that the audio is transmitted using the appropriate protocol, such as ASIO or WASAPI.

Tune your room

MUSE Precision Audio Control lets you adjust your sound to better suit your listening environment by correcting for room acoustics, optimizing speaker placement, and adjusting the sound to personal preferences.

MUSE delivers personalized sound shaping with parametric and procedural EQ, volume leveling, upsampling, room correction, convolution, headphone crossfeed, and more. Compatible with PCM, MQA, or DSD content and all supported audio devices.

Signal path

Signal Path provides you with a detailed and transparent view of the audio processing that occurs between your music source and playback device. This allows you to understand the impact of different processing steps on the sound quality and make informed decisions about how to optimize your processing.

It also serves as a diagnostic tool, allowing you to identify any issues with the audio processing. This can include correcting issues with sample rate conversion, ensuring that processing is properly configured, and resolving any issues with your audio hardware.

Multichannel audio

Roon supports multichannel files, signal processing, and playback, of up to eight channels per device. Use locally connected audio devices (including those connected via Roon Bridge) using ASIO, ALSA, CoreAudio, WASAPI, and HQPlayer.

End-to-end MQA

MQA core decoding allows anyone – even those without MQA-capable hardware – to experience MQA content. Roon is the only music player that can apply DSP to MQA content while allowing your MQA-capable DAC to render the post-processed stream.