DS-DAC-10R : Everything you need for DSD recording!

About KORG

“High-Resolution” is the latest audio frontier. There is plenty of USB DAC hardware, and various high-resolution formats are available. The only thing lacking has been an ample supply of music or source material available in a high-resolution format. KORG was among the first to embrace the potential of high-resolution DSD audio with its MR Series of studio recorders, portable solutions, and hand-held devices. In addition, the powerful, complementary AudioGate software works with all the latest PCM and DSD formats and has quickly become the standard for high-resolution audio playback. Now KORG is proud to add the DS-DAC-10R, created to satisfy audio lovers everywhere. This revolutionary USB DAC (Digital-to-Audio Converter) recording system also offers professional-grade Analog-to-Digital conversion and is even equipped with phono inputs. AudioGate 4 contains a DSD phono equalizer that restores all of the sound that went into cutting the record, while minimizing any effect of the equalization process on the sound. In addition to the standard RIAA curve, five other curves are also supported. Phono equalization can be applied as you record, or when playing back an un-equalized DSD recording made from your vinyl sources. This combination is ideal for archiving your vinyl records. If you can’t find the high-resolution audio materials that you’re craving, record them yourself with the DS-DAC-10R; the 1-bit USB-DAC/ADC from KORG and achieve high-res playback directly with Roon!

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