Clean, intuitive digital that will leave you breathless. (Oxygen mask not included)

About Musica Pristina

In 2014, Musica Pristina was reborn. We left PC audio behind. We started building the most accurate sounding digital playback components we could. We haven't looked back. Since the beginning, we've operated with a few guiding principles: Build the most accurate sounding devices physics allows. Respect the importance of grounding. Isolation, isolation, isolation. Every signal, even digital ones, are fundamentally measurements of analog voltages and currents. It all starts with power supplies. We don’t settle for the feeling that we attended the performance, we say... Let's be there.

What do I do now?

Roon Ready device
Roon Ready network devices have Roon’s streaming technology built in, and are certified by Roon Labs to provide the highest level of quality and performance in network streaming.
Roon Tested device
Roon Tested devices work over USB, HDMI, AirPlay, Google Cast, and other protocols. They have been profiled by the Roon team to ensure simple setup and effortless daily use.