Introducing Nucleus Titan
The ultimate Roon server.
Designed by the Roon team

Nucleus Titan leverages the latest advances in technology, manufacturing, and thermal design to deliver an unmatched premium device designed specifically for Roon's library management, music exploration, and multi-room music player software.

Turn-key simplicity

Nucleus Titan offers the easiest, fastest setup for your Roon system: simply plug it in, download the Roon apps on your devices, and enjoy automatic updates... no computer or networking skills needed.

Optimized for sound quality

Nucleus Titan is an elegant device that is specifically designed for playing music. It operates silently and uses an advanced passive cooling design, bespoke operating system, and solid-state internal storage to deliver premium high-quality audio. Its connectivity and compatibility with all your gear guarantee an exceptional experience.

Available with three beautiful shell finishes: stone, wood, and metal
"With Titan, we’ve created a high-performance device that fuses precision manufacturing with aesthetics that evoke the interwoven nature of our music collections and Roon’s finesse for music exploration. We’re excited that we can provide our customers with the ultimate Roon platform."

Enno Vandermeer, Roon Co-Founder

Whether you have a unit that's still under warranty or your Nucleus Plus has been powering your music system for years, there's an upgrade available for you.
Powered by Innovation

Nucleus Titan harnesses advances in manufacturing processes to deliver the richest, most immersive Roon experience available. Titan’s increased computing horsepower accommodates the largest music libraries, multi-room streaming demands, and all MUSE DSP functions, making it the first choice for those seeking the best possible server option for Roon.


● Customizable internal solid-state storage: 0, 2, 4, and 8TB options

● External USB storage (two USB-C, two USB-A)

● Network storage (NAS)

Limitless audio outputs

● Network audio streamers

● USB DACs, speakers, and amplifiers

● Stereo and multi-channel HDMI devices

● Over 1,000 devices from the best HiFi brands

● Chromecast & Airplay connectivity