KKBOX + Roon
Roon now supports KKBOX, Asia's most influential social-audio brand, delivering a new world of music possibilities - with over 40 million lossless tracks in Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, and English.

KKBOX is a leading music streaming service that has made a significant impact in the Asian market. With its vast collection of Asian music, personalized recommendations, social interaction features, offline listening mode, and user-friendly interface, KKBOX offers a comprehensive music streaming experience. Whether you are a fan of K-pop, J-pop, Mandopop, or any other Asian genre, KKBOX is undoubtedly a platform worth exploring for music lovers in Asia and beyond.

KKBOX features the world’s largest selection of Asia’s new music, plus tens of millions of Western tracks licensed exclusively for playback in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Macau.

"KKBOX embodies an innovative spirit. We continuously strive to provide the most optimal experience for all music lovers. We are excited about the launch of the highly anticipated integration of KKBOX and Roon, which is the successful outcome of collaborative efforts from diverse teams across regions and cultures. This collaboration aims to elevate the music experience for music lovers in Asia and unveil a whole new world of content for them to explore. Together with Roon, we are thrilled to take the streaming experience to the next level!"

Michael Yeh,

General Manager of KKCompany Technologies Music Streaming Business Taiwan, HK & SEA.

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Log in with your KKBOX credentials to sync your account with Roon’s exclusive content, immersive music metadata library, MUSE Precision Audio Control suite, and seamless connection with audio gear.

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Access to an immense library of over 40 million new lossless tracks across genres such as K-Pop, J-Rock, and Japanese Nu-Jazz plus tens of millions of Western tracks.

Benefits of connecting KKBOX with Roon

Improved music recommendations

Unify your local files with Asia’s leading streaming service

Region-specific music and content focus

Expert-curated KKBOX new release, genre, era, and mood playlists