Audio devices
From network streamers to mobile devices, WiFi speakers to USB DACs, and smart devices to whole-home audio distribution systems, Roon plays your audio everywhere, at the highest possible sound quality.

Roon Ready devices are network players with Roon’s own streaming technology built right in, connected over your ethernet or WiFi network. These devices make bit-perfect high-resolution audio simple because they require no configuration, they give you access to the best audio quality and they provide stable, reliable playback.

Listen in one room or group multiple Roon Ready devices for synchronized playback around your home, regardless of brand. These products have been certified by our test team, which means you can trust that you'll get the best experience and support from your device.

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What it means to be "Roon Ready"
Zero configuration

Roon discovers all the Roon Ready devices on your network, and automatically configures itself to work with each of them.

Highest sound quality

Roon's Advanced Audio Transport supports up to 768hHz PCM and DSD512, plus it lets your audio device control its own clock.

Bi-directional control

Transport and volume can be controlled from Roon as well as from your device's front panel, and they'll both stay in sync.

Signal Path

Beyond displaying the source format, encoding, and processing being applied to your audio in Roon, Signal Path also shows what's happening in the playback hardware.

Synchronized multi-room

You can play different music in every room, group your rooms together, or have a party with the same content playing throughout your home in perfect synchronization.

Device certification

Roon's QA team and the device manufacturer collaborate on a rigorous test suite to certify that Roon Ready devices meet an exhaustive set of performance requirements.

Roon also works with hundreds of "Roon Tested" network players and connected devices:

Apple's AirPlay was among the first wireless streaming protocols, and Roon lets you listen on any of the hundreds of AirPlay-compatible products on the market.

Stream gapless high-resolution audio (up to 96kHz/24-bit) to Chromecast, Nest, and Google Home devices, and take advantage of speaker groups created with Google Home.

Expand your Roon system with speakers and streamers from the world's most popular multi-room audio brand.

There are thousands of USB audio devices on the market – including speakers, DACs, and interfaces – that are compatible with Roon.

When connected to a compatible HDMI device, Roon provides multichannel playback for content with up to eight channels.

Use Bluetooth to stream audio wireless from your playback device (computer, tablet, or phone) to any of thousands of headphones and speakers.