Roon ARC
All your music, everywhere you go
Your Roon library, without compromise, absolutely anywhere

At the gym, at the office, or traveling miles from home – Roon ARC gives you remote access to your complete library of artists, albums, playlists, and tags.

Don't settle for second-best from streaming apps.

Introducing Roon 2.0

With the introduction of Roon 2.0 we’re delighted to announce Roon ARC – a completely new app designed from the ground up to give you all of your music, everywhere you go.

Powered by your Roon library at home, Roon ARC becomes your very own, custom-built, super-powerful streaming service.

ARC makes everywhere feel like home

Roon ARC gives you remote access to your complete, personalized library of artists, albums, playlists, and tags – supported by rich, in-depth metadata that inspires you to discover more about the music you love.

Hi-fi joy ride

ARC works with Apple's CarPlay as well as Android Auto, so you get the Roon experience while you're on the road. Safely control your music library using the touchscreen and physical controls on your car's infotainment system.

Sound quality, on the go

ARC uses our MUSE sound engine to deliver the best possible audio quality when you’re on the go or running a streamlined setup from your phone. MUSE places EQ, balance control, volume leveling, crossfeed, DSD support, sample rate conversion, and more in the palm of your hand. And ARC’s signal path display ensures full transparency for MUSE audio processing, from source media all the way to your speakers – just like in Roon.

ARC knows your music

Choosing albums and playlists to download can be surprisingly challenging! Let ARC's Smart Downloads feature do it for you. It automatically pulls recently played favorites, new discoveries, go-to playlists, and forgotten gems from your local library, then rotates those selections weekly to keep things interesting. With Smart Downloads, you'll always have fresh listening options - without lifting a finger.

The same, beautifully simple Roon interface

Roon ARC’s stunning design is supported by Roon’s rich metadata, so you can continue your immersive journeys of musical discovery, wherever you are.

You can expand your library on the move with familiar features like Roon Radio, New Releases For You, and Daily Mixes, and build playlists featuring your favorite finds.

Getting started

We’ve built Roon ARC from the ground up to be reliable – even when your internet connection might not be.

Watch our step-by-step guide on how to setup and use Roon ARC.

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