If you're talking to music lovers, we want to talk to you.

Roon is pure magic for people who are passionate about music and audio. If that sounds like your audience, you can give them something that will change their lives.

"Roon is a game-changer.
The user experience is fabulous. It does a startlingly good job of introducing me to songs I thought I already loved, even though I’m hearing them for the first time."

Seth Godin

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Share the love of music. Grow your business.
Roon brings music to life for hundreds of thousands of music lovers. Give your audience more to be passionate about, and earn a meaningful commission along the way.
What you'll earn
Earn for every conversion

As an affiliate partner, you’re eligible to earn payouts for every subscription that you drive from a first-time Roon user. Learn more about our qualified referral payouts once you apply.

No earning limits

Affiliate partners receive commissions as long as their audience is converting. There’s no limit to the number of referrals you can make, so you can continue to encourage your audience try Roon.

"Roon is as crucial to my listening experience as the amp and speakers.
It streams music to almost every device in my house (think: Apple TV, Chromecast, Sonos, and much more) and the smart interface elegantly assists with new music discovery as well as music rediscovery."

John Darko, darko.audio

Customer journey
1. Direct your audience to a free trial signup page
2. Users convert from a free trial to a paid subscription
3. You earn a share of the subscription price
Affiliate managers
Some markets around the world require a special touch, like localization and translation. We appoint Affiliate Managers to coordinate affiliate partners in selected regions.

Apply now and we’ll connect you with your Affiliate Manager, if appropriate.

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Leave the assets to us. We’ll share fresh creative regularly to help you keep your audience engaged.

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Performance insights

Impact shows you referrals and commission you’ve earned, so you’ll have a full understanding of your work.

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