We have music in our DNA
We built our first product in 2004 and ever since, we’ve pursued technologies to bring more music into peoples’ lives. After developing music software for Sooloos, Meridian Audio, and HP, we founded Roon Labs. In 2023 we joined the family of brands owned by Harman International.
We're lean and smart

We’re part of Harman International, but we operate as a standalone business unit that’s led by its founders. Most importantly, we make products and services that we love, and it shows. Our subscribers are more than customers… they’re fans who share our passion for music and participate vigorously in the community that surrounds Roon. With the resources of Harman behind us, we're excited to bring rich music experiences to more people.

We prioritize lifestyle

Our “spiritual home” is New York City – that’s where the founders originally met back in ancient times – but now we’re around 60 people spread over several continents. We all work remotely, so our Slack workspace is our office and we meet via the web. Our diverse team covers so many time zones that there is literally always someone “in the office.”

We don’t provide gourmet cafeteria lunches and free espresso drinks, because there’s something that we think is more important: letting our team members design their own lives. Whether it’s isolation on a remote mountaintop or starting a family in a city center, everyone on our team finds their happy in their own way. We prize this lifestyle flexibility over anything else, and we’re happy to support the members of our team in their choices.

Our structure gives us a meaningful advantage as our team grows. Since we’re not geographically constrained, we get to hire the most talented, ambitious people who love music and take pride in their work, regardless of who they are or where they live.

We value doing things well

We constantly strive to learn and to grow, both as individuals and as a team, because doing so allows us to produce exceptional work. The result is products that delight customers and gain the respect and support of our industry. Happy team, happy customers, happy partners.

We chose our subscription business model because we believe it creates an honest relationship with our customers. We work tirelessly to delight them, because we know that they’re making an active choice to stay with us. The very nature of that relationship drives us to innovate and to excel.

Conventional wisdom in the tech world is that you have to raise big, spend like it’s your job, and fail fast or eat the world. We disagree. We invested our own money, did things on a shoestring, attracted customers, and grew organically. Now we've joined an organization that has been serving music lovers and audio enthusiasts for over 75 years with some of the best-loved brands in audio.

If you see things the way we do, you might want to consider joining us.